As you may have noticed a few months arrived in Italy, with  regular grant AAMS , another  big player bets , the famous british bookmaker (leaders in England)  William Hill , active in the gambling industry since 1934 (when they say "a name guarantee "...).

Affiliation WilliamHill

Since its debut in Italy, the ' affiliate Willim Hill  appeared on several affiliate networks, however, but with  a serious flaw : it was only the possibility of CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition : the affiliate is paid only 1 time with commissions oscillating between 40 and 50 € for each new friend) but  lacked the revenue share , or the ability to  earn more and to play on the user !!!

Now, thanks to the cooperation between my blog and  is also possible for the  Italian affiliates to earn  revenue share life time  with  online betting, casino and bingo  (3 of  areas ever  more profitable on the internet  in  Italy ).

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Commission revenue share of 30% on Betting

The excellent affiliate program offers  as much as 30% on the Percentage of Net Gaming Revenue  for all bets online that will enrollees from  your referrer link

This means that  you will earn 30% forever  on revenues generated by your users ...


CPA commission from $ 50

If the Revenue Share prefer the classic CPA, also here  beats the competition ... It is possible to earn  from  $ 50 per each new  depositor; with this mode, if, for example, in a month managed to realize 30 CPA (challenge certainly stimulating and far from impossible